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Steve Schultz is the founder and Senior Elder of Transformation Center, serves on the Core Leadership Council (CLC) of Congress WBN, is a member of the Congress Global Leadership team (GCL) and serves as one of the three Oversight Coordinators for church operations in North America. Since 1982, Steve has served in various ministry positions, which have provided him a rich and diverse background of experience. He has a desire to serve the Body of Christ and continues to travel extensively across the globe in an effort to assist and equip, resource and empower pastors/leaders to build strong churches. While his primary emphasis is working within the apostolic sphere of Congress WBN, a core motivating burden is to expose church leaders to the current emphases of God in the earth so that leaders can be empowered to build relevantly and with increased accuracy. Steve lives with his wife, Diane, in West Fork, Arkansas. They have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

Steve Schultz



At Transformation Center, Steve serves alongside a team of elders: Clay Newcomb (Associate Elder), Mike Schultz, and Jeff Shreve. Like Steve, each of these leaders are actively involved inside of the larger apostolic context of Congress WBN.


Clay Newcomb

Associate Elder

Mike Schultz


Jeff Shreve


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