In 2005, TC began as a small mentoring group in the living room of Steve and Diane Schultz. Today, TC has grown into a vibrant community of men, women, and children of diverse backgrounds joined together by shared purpose and vision. We describe ourselves as a Kingdom Community because the core of TC is not a church service; it is the rich spiritual life of our members pursuing God together as one man built upon Kingdom principles.


In addition to our weekly gatherings, we host a range of initiatives and Life Development Groups aimed at transferring Biblical principles, Kingdom values, and apostolic patterns into practical life application. Members find TC a context for deep personal transformation and dynamic community life as they press towards maturity in Christ.


At TC, we see ourselves as an active part of the global church. This allows us to build seamlessly between our church/community and all of Congress WBN, a global apostolic network comprised of thousands of churches operating in over 115 nations. We emphasize the importance of moving beyond seeing oneself as a member of a “local church” to seeing oneself as an integral part of the whole Body of Christ.


Sunday meetings begin at 5:30pm at Prism Education Center in Fayetteville.

Mandate & Mission


The Community has an ordained mandate from the Lord to:

  • build a strong community that manifests Kingdom lifestyles, elevated thinking, correct governance, and healthy relationships

  • be a Core KC within Congress WBN that produces and provides a window for others to see apostolic patterns

  • focus on internal spiritual development leading to strong marriages, healthy families, accurate businesses, and correct sight of life shaped by the principles of the Kingdom of God

  • introduce individuals into the life-changing encounter of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and providing firm foundations and clear pathways for their new walk with God

  • provide sanctuary for leaders and saints looking for accurate spiritual resource, biblical leadership and vibrant community life


Steve Schultz is the founder and Senior Elder of The Community (TC), serves on the Core Leadership Council (CLC) of Congress WBN and is one of two Regional Coordinators for North America for Congress WBN. Since 1982, Steve has served in various ministry positions, which have provided him a rich and diverse background of experience. He has a desire to serve the Body of Christ and continues to travel extensively across the globe in an effort to assist and equip pastors/leaders to build strong churches. While his primary emphasis is working within the apostolic sphere of Congress WBN, a core motivating burden is to expose church leaders to the current emphases of God in the earth so that leaders can be empowered to build relevantly and with increased accuracy. Steve lives with his wife, Diane, in West Fork, Arkansas. They have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.

At TC, Steve serves alongside a team of elders: Clay Newcomb (Associate Elder), Mike Schultz, and Jeff Shreve. Like Steve, each of these leaders are actively involved inside of Congress WBN.

Steve Schultz


Clay Newcomb

Associate Elder

Mike Schultz


Jeff Shreve


Life Development Groups

Life Development Groups are specific ministries designed to grow accurate, quality human lives. They are strategic components of our community life used to sew together a rich culture of shared life among our members. Each group meets regularly and conducts a range of initiatives.

TC Hebron
Shaping men to be diligent, transparent, full of integrity, obedient to the voice of God, and indomitable to circumstance
Mentoring adolescents and crafting them into young men and women of godliness, wisdom and maturity
TC Single Life
Constructing a thriving, resilient and pristine culture for single adults
Building women of valor that engage biblical truth, confront issues of the heart, and run the race set before them
Equipping children to fulfill the purposes of God for their lives and generation
Women developing an enhanced worldview

Join us Sunday evenings at 5:30 pm

2855 E Joyce Blvd, Fayetteville, AR 72703 - OR - 303 Rice Street, New Boston, TX 75570

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