Our values define who we are. They are the non-negotiables we hold dear and provide a framework upon which to build our lives and community.

Accurate Relationship
No one was meant to live in isolation nor be satisfied with dysfunctional relationships. God has a blueprint for each individual life that includes rich relationships beneficial to our growth and development.
Shared Ownership
No one can possess the purposes of God alone. Partnership is a key pillar inside community and expresses itself through mutual trust, buy-in, teamwork, and cooperation.
Reformation is the necessary process that brings our personal lives and the corporate life of the Church into correct order and function. We as followers of Christ embrace the deep work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to deliver us past old patterns of thought and action and to bring us into more accurate patterns.
Divine Approval
All we do is entirely based upon what God wants and what He decides as being “well done.” Pleasing Him is most important. Therefore, discovering His will and walking in obedience is celebrated and honored.
Obeying God is not optional. Our state of reflexive obedience gives us the power to proclaim and the power to build.
Apostolic and Prophetic Dimension
Jesus was apostolic and prophetic and these dimensions of his anointing have been fully restored to the Church today. The apostolic gives us the power to see and build correct structures for every aspect of our lives. The prophetic empowers us to hear and obey the voice of God with clarity and precision. Together, the apostolic and prophetic dimensions give the Church a pioneering spirit to press forward towards full maturity in Christ.
Migration with Purpose
Jesus came to bring the Church into a more abundant life. True discipleship requires a mentality that not only accepts change, but embraces it as one journeys with God. We are committed to moving with God on a personal level as well as a global level.
We value the pursuit of a sincere heart before God and man which validates our proclamation and our lifestyle. Integrity therefore brings forth precision, accuracy, truthfulness, and uprightness.
Mentoring through Servanthood
Christ gave Himself completely for the benefit and advancement of others. Likewise, Paul laid down his life before Timothy as mentor. We can see that it is through the conduit of a deep, trusted relationship that God best imparts the grace and values of one’s life to another.
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Authority of the Scriptures

The Bible is the inspired Word of God.

The Trinity

There is one God and He exists in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).


It was made in God's image, but is now lost in sin.

Jesus Christ

He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He was born of a virgin, died for our redemption, and resurrected to give us new life.

The Holy Spirit

He resides in every believer, leads us into truth and Christlikeness, and provides the gifts and graces to the Church needed to fulfill the purposes of God.

The Church

The Body of Christ consists of every believer, and is journeying towards the restoration of all truth.

Apostles & Prophets

They have been tasked by God to proclaim Biblical revelation and wisdom and build God-ordained structures into the Church.


God established the five-fold ministry (Eph 4:11) and elders to lead the Church according to Biblical principles and to be exemplary in lifestyle.


Believers are called to live within community - a place of covenantal relationship, governance, shared purpose, transparency, and servanthood.

The Finish

The end of the Church's journey is being conformed to the character of Jesus Christ followed by His literal, personal return.

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Obeying God is not optional. Our state of reflexive obedience gives us the power to proclaim and the power to build.